Spin 96


Gervasoni 1882


Michael Sodeau



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Spin 95 – ∅32 cm, height: 47 cm

Spin 96 – ∅50 cm, height: 63 cm

Natural wicker, lacquered in matt white, grey, ocean, dove or black.

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Sinuous lines reminiscent of the enveloping shape of a nest characterise the family of pendant lamps SPIN 95/96.

The wraparound teardrop structure is made entirely of natural woven wicker, lacquered in matt white, grey, ocean, dove-grey or black. It is a product capable of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere thanks to the light that is filtered by the natural fibre weave.




Gervasoni 1882
The Gervasoni house, founded in 1982, is an Italian family business that reflects an informal, elegant and contemporary world at the same time. It has always been characterised for taking care of details, using natural materials worked to perfection and guaranteeing the aesthetic quality of its products. The brand is constantly looking for the most innovative combinations through natural materials, artisan techniques and a passion for design that has existed for over 140 years.

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